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It’s 2010…let’s remember.

January 1, 2010

Well, it’s 2010 now, a whole new decade.  I just want to put down some stuff about the decade we just left…first off, GWB.  Love him, hate him, don’t care…that decade was HIS.  Second, 9/11/01…the world will NEVER be the same.  Once the camel’s nose is under the tent, you can’t pretend it ain’t there.  Osama, Fuck you!  Third, Daniel Pearl, in 2002…just another reporter killed in a war zone…but this guy got BEHEADED!  It wasn’t enough to shoot him, or stab him, or even blow him up…no, they had to CUT HIS HEAD OFF!  Next, the War in Iraq, 2003…for better or worse, Saddam Hussein was a murderous scumbag and the world is a better place without him, period.  2004, John Kerry never stood a chance…he still has a suck-up to terrorists mentality and now he wants to go hang with Amahdinejad in Iran.  What a guy!  Hurricane Katrina, 2005…several lessons…Mother Nature doesn’t play nice, crooked politicians misspend money and folks suffer for it, Americans shouldn’t have their firearms confiscated in times of crisis, and when people help each other out, things come back together a lot faster than just waiting on Uncle Sam to fix it for you.  2006, the Democrats took Congress back…because the Republicans couldn’t act like Republicans, and let a fast one get pulled.  2007, the Surge in Iraq…it worked!  Period.  2008, WTF…people got complacent, didn’t go to the polls, and let the MSM tell them a no-body “community organizer” was the answer to all their problems…(Some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time)…which leads us to 2009, and now we are stuck with terrorists running amok, the economy sliding down, Government Motors car company, a trash-bag full of ‘czars’ running the government for the Wunder-Kind, a HUGE national debt that I’m sure WE can’t pay off and probably not even our kids, damn near EVERYTHING is made in China, the Gub’mint is going to take over health care in the USA, fuel will be taxed through the roof for this global warming horse puckey, and Bin Laden is STILL running loose somewhere!  Here is to hoping that America can get it’s collective shit together in 2010, THINK before they vote later this year, and fix some of this mess.  God Help Us, we need it.


Hello world!

November 29, 2009

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